Promotional Photography and Web Video for the Mosaic Rock Climbing Gym in Cincinnati

The busy winter season ended with a super-fun project for a returning client, who now are the proud owners of not one, but TWO amazing climbing gyms. They liked the videos and photos I shot for them at their Lexington location so much that they asked me to create some content around the opening of their new facility near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Over the last few years I’ve shot a couple of events and done several days worth of promotional photography for LEF Climbing, resulting in a few nice pieces for their web and print marketing. Here’s a quick look at a few of those:

The owners of the gym had been working on getting their next gym, Mosaic, up and running for a while, and it finally happened this March! Luckily I was able to make it back from a shoot overseas just in time for the opening night of Mosaic! The weather wasn’t terribly good but it was perfect weather to be inside!

I shot images and video clips over two days, aiming to capture a variety of looks and people for their marketing staff to use over the next year or so when making promotional content for print and the web. I was constantly switching lenses, trying to find different angles and looks to give them a wide range of images to choose from.

Photography of the Mosaic Rock Climbing Gym

In addition to the still photos, I also was tasked with filming video clips for a short facility tour video for their website. This effectively doubled my shooting duties, as good light and compositions for photos often looked good for video as well! The staff and members were patient as I asked them to repeat actions sometimes so I could get both motion and stills!

A small gimbal was useful for a number of these shots, as well as a small lighting package to fill in some shadows on faces and even out the lighting. While I did use an ascender and static line to hang from the top of the gym, I also got a ride in their lift, so in some clips there’s a combination move from being both in that lift and using a gimbal, which also let us light the talent easily from up high as well!

Here’s the final web video we created: