Outdoor and Adventure Video

Featured videos involving outdoor and adventure projects by Wilkinson Visual, based in Lexington, KY.


Get outside and have an adventure.

Demanding outdoor environments and adventure sports are not the easiest subjects to film. In fact, we think they are some of the most challenging! But hanging from a climbing rope off a cliff in Kentucky, or hiking nine miles through deep snow in Michigan where it's ten degrees below zero, are the exact places in which we excel.

We've worked for or licensed media to folks like Red Bull, Outside, and The North Face, but we also work with smaller brands, outfitters, and even gyms too.

Adventure video production has seen huge growth in commercial media but also tourism. As a result, Wilkinson Visual has been able to work on videos involving the National Parks, local tourism offices, and even simply supplying video footage for unrelated commercial projects.

Basically, if a projects involves a rock climbing adventure, rolling around outdoors in the dirt, or pushing physical limits, we're all about filming it. 


Want to see what adventures we've been on lately?

Here's a look at the Wilkinson Visual Instagram feed, full of recent outdoor and adventure photos from Kentucky, Michigan, and all over!