Wilkinson Visual is a collaborative video production team that serves to create compelling multimedia for businesses or non-profit organizations that have roots in the outdoor world. We want to tell the incredible stories, share the life changing adventures, and present the amazing locations that evoke emotion and action on the part of the audience. We are based out of Lexington, Kentucky, with basecamps set up in Colorado and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For more than ten years Wilkinson Visual has been crafting engaging videos, and is focusing on projects that promote outdoor recreation, locally-focused businesses and food cultivation (did someone say craft beer?) and the conservation of the wild places that make the world an invigorating place to explore.

A few recent, notable projects include:
Producing a documentary about rock climbing development in India
Creating a series of tourism and event videos in Southwest Colorado
A promotional documentary for Nature’s Classroom Adventures
Working on the Michigan Ice Film documentary about ice climbing in the midwest

Mike Wilkinson is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, whose interests in travel and the outdoors have taken him all over the world. After living in Colorado for a few years, Mike is now based out of Lexington, Kentucky, but still does freelance videography and video editing for productions all over the United States.

When not freelancing or producing video for Wilkinson Visual, Mike is an avid adventure photographer. In the last few years, his images and videos have been noticed by the likes of Red Bull, Backpacker Magazine, Rock & Ice, Climbing Magazine, and Outside Magazine.

Besides creating images and video, Mike also loves to share his knowledge through teaching, and gives presentations at national conferences while also contributing gear reviews and editorials to creative blogs such as Resource Online, Fstoppers.com, and B&H Explora.

Last but not least, Mike occasionally leads backpacking trips for Nature’s Classroom Adventures, a non-profit he helped found whose primary goal is to educate at-risk youth through wilderness experiences.

Wilkinson Visual Team & Collaborators

The larger projects Wilkinson Visual has worked on would not be what they are without the help of some amazingly talented artists, athletes, writers, and friends. Below are just a few of the regular crew and collaborators that pull together frequently for projects.


Jennifer Meunier

Having previously worked in the non-profit and healthcare sectors, as well as for corporate companies like Eddie Bauer and Osprey Packs, Jen has transitioned to working for Wilkinson Visual. Her wheelhouse is in managing relationships and anticipating needs, which makes her indispensable on our projects. She puts the “social” into social media, and her passion for community and making connections makes her the ideal person to tackle our public relations needs.



Seth McCubbin


A timelapse specialist and rockstar climber, Seth's calculator-like brain is able to do the math to make all of those technical hurdles look like child's play.

Seth's Vimeo Page



Jakob Skogheim

A portrait shooter turned video director, Jakob's eye for detail has transcended photography. His short video work has gotten hundreds of thousands of views and recognition worldwide.

Jakob's Vimeo Page


Joshua Pardon

Master documentarian, academic, and one hard working brah. Evolving from work in the motion graphics trenches to shooting and directing, Joshua has an unmatched focus when it comes to doing things the right way and leaving nothing unchecked.

Joshua's Portfolio Site 


Scott Heister

Outdoorsman, portrait photographer, educator, and most importantly homebrewer. Scott is the also the founder of Nature's Classroom Adventure, a Not-for-Profit Organization that leads at risk youth on transformative wilderness trips.

Scott's Portfolio Site



Eleanor Shelton

Producer, writer, and can makes things happen. If this were Pulp Fiction, having her work for you is like sending in the Wolf. That's all you had to say. Her track record for writing award winning productions and forging dynamite client relations make her a valuable asset to any project.

Eleanor's Website