Aerial Video

Featured drone videos by Wilkinson Visual, based in Lexington, Kentucky.



Drone video and photos offer stunning points of view.

With a small fleet of SUAS (small unmanned aerial systems), we have filmed several videos that relied exclusively on aerial content. Often called drones, we also use them to add compelling location establishment shots in other productions. 

We are fully insured and licensed, with Mike Wilkinson holding a Remote Pilot Certificate issued by the FAA, sometimes known as Part 107. Our setup captures 4K video and RAW photos.

What about the airport near Lexington? Airspace restrictions and guidelines specific to the Lexington, Kentucky area are of concern, but with enough lead time, flying a drone in restricted areas can be done legally and safely.



Taking flight!

A behind-the-scenes photo from a video production we were hired for, capturing aerial video clips with an Inspire drone. Whether in Lexington, or elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, we're happy to consult with you on aerial video options for your media needs.