Corporate Video Productions

Featured corporate, industrial, promotional, and advertising videos by Wllkinson Visual, based in Lexington, Kentucky.


What's a corporate video?

A corporate video is a production for any business, company, or organization. These can be internal, external, promotional, or even just informational.

Creating compelling corporate videos for businesses has been an important part of our company for many years. They might not get as much recognition as our adventure projects do, but they certainly get just as much attention in the video production process.

We've assisted local and international corporations in producing quality videos, as breaking down complex concepts and translating them from script to screen is a speciality of ours.

Lexington has many small businesses, branches of larger corporate entities, and everything in between. We would love the opportunity to tell their stories! Have a look at our promotional and marketing videos above to see some of our corporate video production work. 


Behind the Scenes on a Corporate Video Production

In 2014, Wilkinson Visual was contracted to produce a corporate promotional video that demonstrated the scope of services available from a particular company.

This video explains some of the process and planning that went into this particular corporate video shoot and edit.

Every production is different, and this is just one example of how we have approached a corporate video project.