Tourism Video Production in Richmond and Covington, Kentucky

Over the past 12 months, we've been plugging away at a few different tourism video and photo projects in Kentucky, through an agency that hired Wilkinson Visual to create content. Patiently waiting for them to go public, the wait is finally over! Here's a brief writeup on the two jobs and the final videos.

Culinary Tour Video around Northern Kentucky

First up, this tourism video for Meet Northern Kentucky, highlighting local restaurants and their featured dishes.

*Most of the footage was filmed by Wilkinson Visual, but 8-10 clips were provided by the client, including material at Otto's and scenic clips around the city.

Northern Kentucky includes the city of Covington, which is where most of the filming took place. I'd previously visited this area while doing a photoshoot at Otto's for another separate job, so I knew I was in for a treat when it came time to go back. This video has me lined up to film at Graeter's Ice Cream, Coppin's at Hotel Covington, Bouquet, and the original Dixie Chili Restaurant. The video was filmed with a Sony a7iii and Canon L lenses.

With locations to keep us busy all day, I worked hard to make sure we got all the content we needed, including exteriors, interiors, finished plates, kitchen action, and people dining at each stop. I'd be lying if I said I didn't stop to enjoy the food at a few of these places, but sadly, most times we were filming food, it was too cold to really enjoy it by the time we were done filming.

Video Production of Historic Tour of Richmond, Kentucky

That same week, I had another shoot, this time in Central Kentucky. The goal was to feature several of the historic tourist sites in Richmond, and also show off some of the downtown area too. These sites are just the kind of thing that visiting tourists interested in history are looking for– I got a whirlwind tour of them as we filmed all locations in a single day. Locations included White Hall, Fort Booneseborough, the Battle of Richmond Visitor Center, Eastern Kentucky University, and downtown Richmond.

Sadly, I wasn't able to capture any behind-the-scenes still photos that day, but things went pretty well. I filmed this video on a GH4 with Canon L lenses.