Chasing Shadows and Sunrise Ascents at Indian Creek

With daytime temperatures in the upper 80s and relentless swarms of gnats and biting flies, a small group of climbers made their way to Indian Creek in Utah for a couple days of rock climbing. I was along to climb and check out the landscape with some photography.

The first day was a hot one, but chasing the shade proved a viable option. From the base of the 4x4 wall, we were able to enjoy a few crack climbs and the scenic landscape, even through the oppressive midday heat.

Waking up at 3am the next morning, our goal was a sunrise ascent of the South Six Shooter, a tower formation to the north. Following a very rough 4WD approach drive, we donned our packs and made our way up a rocky scree to the base of the climb.

A short and relatively easy 5.6-5.7ish 3-pitch climb was our target. With a sketchy approach to the start, Sam and Brie led the way as the landscape began to catch highlights of the rising sun.

Ready for another hot day as the sun came up, we were surprised as dark clouds moved in from all sides, with the winds picking up. Even though the light wasn't as pretty, cooler temps and bugless hikes made it completely OK. Once atop the tower, views of the surrounding landscape were stunning.

Here are some more images from this climbing trip.