Bouldering Photography with the Zeet Rock Climbers

Things are finally starting to pick up a bit in this small town called Cortez which I call home. I've been able to help form a group of local climbers, and every Monday we get together for some chill climbing and socializing. Much needed after a long day of blogging and editing!

Now that weather is starting to be consistently warm, more fair-weather outdoor opportunities are presenting themselves. This includes bouldering at a small nature preserve that happens to be just outside of town. A relatively short hike from the parking lot reveals a rocky rim that undulates between 10-25 feet in height, with lots of large boulders and cacti.

I never really bouldered much before, as I enjoy sport climbing the most. The endurance needed and mental stamina to go 100+ feet high and maintain ones composure is where I get my high, literally and figuratively. Now that I've had the chance to flail from 15 feet up with no rope and work on the shorter, power moves needed for boulder problems, I can easily see the allure for mental and physical training. I'm not sure my fingers agree though, as the skin being thrashed off of my poor digits has resulted in a bloody mess in my hands.

As a photographer/videographer, capturing images of bouldering hasn't been something I've focused on before. I'm typically dangling high off the ground, or positioned on some distant cliff to shoot sport climbing, but bouldering lets me get close to the action in new ways. I can quickly get shots from the top looking down, but instead of it taking me half an hour to hike or jug up, I can simply walk to the top. The direction changes of the cliffs sometimes presents unique angles for catching light, and with the powerful nature of bouldering, climbers are often trying very hard, and it shows in their emotions.

Oh, and let's not forget that bouldering means I don't have to carry a heavy static line, anchor rigging gear, ascenders, or other heavy safety equipment (in addition to camera bodies and lenses!) Here are some more images from my recent outings.

Prints are available at: Fine Art America (if you want a print of an image here, just send me an email with the shot you want -