Local to Lexington, Kentucky (but really anywhere in the US or Canada!) Mike Wilkinson is available for software training, professional consultation on video or photography projects, and can even provide 1 on 1 tutoring for clients in their home or office.

From Mike:
I'm an Apple Certified Professional User, and in addition to teaching at the Specs Howard School of Media Arts for almost 4 years, I've lectured at workshops around the United States. If you think you or your company would be interested in some private training or customized professional development, send me an email with information on what specific instruction you're looking for. I've had hundreds of articles published on fstoppers.com, resourcemagonline, and even had some printed pieces over the years.

Here are few examples of instructional videos I've created in the past:

Rates for instruction will vary based on your needs and the amount of training time needed. I'm happy to provide local clients with a discount in addition to providing instructional books on request!


Apple Final Cut Pro 7
Apple Motion 4/5
Apple DVD Studio Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Adobe After Effects CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Lightroom 5
Adobe Audition CS6


HD Video Cameras (Panasonic GH4, Sony FS700, Canon C100, C300)
High Speed (slow motion) Camera Systems
LED Lighting Systems
DSLR Cameras
GoPro Action POV Cameras


Documentary Film Production
Landscape and Field Production (Photo and Video)
Lighting for Video Productions