Ascending India: Bringing Rock Climbing Home

Near the city of Pune in India, a diverse landscape that includes many rocky and mountainous areas goes largely unused when it comes to recreational activities. Sujay Kawale was born with these mountains in his backyard, but never discovered his love of the outdoors, specifically rock climbing, until he moved to the United States. After being exposed to the western climbing culture, Sujay now seeks to petition the government in his home country to develop and make available rock climbing for the youth of India. Wilkinson Visual is creating a documentary film revolving around Sujay's journey.





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Goal of the film:

To document Sujay Kawale’s experiences with rock climbing in the US, contrasted to climbing in India, and follow him as he makes strides to shift India’s culture to promote it. Footage of climbing in both areas (but primarily India) will visually highlight this film. By following Sujay’s progression and becoming interested with his passion, his personal goals may ultimately be fulfilled with this film. Specifically, raising awareness of the untapped potential for rock climbing in the Pune region of India, and demonstrating why rock climbing is a worthwhile recreational activity for the state and its people.

How we plan to achieve the goal of the film:

Show Sujay in climbing areas in the US, and then in India. Comparing what the two areas are like will help the audience understand the differences. Sujay will discuss how businesses thrive and tourism areas in the US prosper due to rock climbing. Interviewing experts that Sujay meets to explain merits of rock climbing from a health and wellness standpoint. Featuring any local pro climbers, and finding out how climbing has changed their lives. Brief interviews with US and India experts on subjects like climbing regulation, development, access, lifestyle, and more.


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